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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leftover Roll Dough?

Last night I attempted to make a new recipe for rolls to go with our soup. The recipe took over an hour to rise the first time, and over two to rise the second! Needless to say, dinner was quite late last night. After dinner I put in the second batch of rolls to bake and threw the rest of the dough in the fridge. Now it also happens that we made homemade fries over the weekend and I have a large pan of oil sitting on the stove. Combine those two and you get? Dough Nuts!
This was such a fast treat for the morning. The biggest key, other than yummy dough, is HOT oil. Make sure the oil temperature is over 375 with your thermometer before dropping in the dough. I did not have a donut cutter, so I used a small juice glass and made large donut-holes instead. Donuts fry up very quickly so don't walk away! I turned the donuts over after a minute, and pulled them out of the oil after two. Let them drain for a minute before topping them with a simple glaze or sugar-cinnamon combo. Simply Delicious! Now i'm only wishing I had saved more dough and made less rolls!

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