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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

While my best friend was over today, she made a fantastic statement today. Packing with a nursing baby is not ideal. Thankfully we are only trying to stage the house, so it is like prepacking- just the things that you won't use for a few months that are taking up the valuable real estate that we would like to sell! I've been packing a few boxes here and there as I could find the time, and had successfully packed up most of the children's books and games. Its amazing how simple that sounds, but we have so many of both! Today Jeanine and I packed up extra toys and the majority of the schooling materials to add 7 more boxes to the count! It was amazing how fast things got catagorized, sorted, and carried to their places. I love her.

Abigail is a fantastic baby, but since the stress level is running high in the house, she's been affected and is a bit more momma hungry than usual. She's spending less time on her tummy, which is unfortunate. I think she is so close to crawling in a forward motion! She can push up to her knees now, but hasn't gotten to rocking yet. She can move backwards a bit, and no longer has any issues getting stuck on an arm mid role in either direction. They grow up so fast! I made a new recipe for biter biscuits over the weekend and slow dehydrated half of them over night instead of baking them. I really like the texture for Abigail. It seems to get gummier on the outside, but we have not had pieces seperate yet. They have been helping to entertain her while she is sitting in her stroller or highchair during my work times. She also finds Porter wonderfully entertainning. Such a sweet little man I'm raising!

Also, did you know that if you wash your clothes and there are little sister clothes present in the load, that your clothes do not come clean and need to be rewashed in their own load? This is subject matter that I have not been trained in apparently. Ugh.


  1. As of right now, we are only planning to sell this house to move to another house. Where that house will be located, we do not know yet. =)

  2. I totally missed you talking about me in your blog.. thanks :)

    Abby is sitting already! They do grow fast!



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