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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Look! No Hands!

When you do an search for babywearing you will find a zillion different techniques and about as many products for sale. I have used most kinds and love them all for different reasons at different stages of the babies life. This carry works well with a baby that has good head control.
Here, I am using a sarong I bought used at a thrift shop for 3 or 4 bucks. Since I have a smallish baby, I first fold the material in half lengthwise, then drape the material over one shoulder with the bulk of the sarong behind you. Sit the baby on your hip and bring the material around to the front under her bum, then just tie the ends in a tight knot. Before letting go of your baby, make sure the material forms a pouch under her bum and spread the material up the babies back as needed. I also tug at the material to make sure the knot will not come untied. The greatest aspect of this carrier is how small a sarong folds up. You can easily store it in your purse for on the go errands and shopping and its pretty comfortable for shorter carries as well.


  1. I wear my baby with a wrap... and its heaven on earth! I wish I would have had something like that for my other kids!

  2. I found another cute idea at www.prairiemama.etsy.com and am definitely investing in one next time I have a baby!

  3. Love it, Kerry! Have you looked at wearyourbaby.com?

  4. Wow Abi is so young! and the sarong worked great.



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