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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I have to... I don't want to

Packing... Not something that I've been eager to start.  I've been putting much forethought into packing, moving, and unpacking everything.  I want this to go smoothly.  I want their to be order.  I want to be able to unpack slowly and make sure that our possessions have well planned places to belong in the new house to have the best chances at keeping an orderly home.

 Today the plan is to build 6 boxes and start packing the Library books, and begin the transformation of it into the moving room.  Makes sense to pack the books up first since we can safely get stuff from the Public Library for the next month and return it all at the end, unmixed with our books!  (This is made more incredibly  awesome by the fact that our local Library is updating their catalogue systems and would prefer everyone check out books right now so they can have less inventory on the shelves.  Their incentive they've offered  is extending the amount of time you get books.  6 weeks instead of 3,  talk about a safety net!)  Along with those 6 boxes for books, I bring in one garbage can for trash we find along the way, and 1 red bin that we will sort books to be donated for others to enjoy.

I think things are going well.  This will be the project that the kids and I can work on together this morning and that will leave Kolton alone upstiars so he can focus upstairs on his work, or rest...  Either way, the poor man has been through a lot this week!  

I called for the kids and Khali was the first to arrive to pack her precious books.  (Is anyone surprised by this?)  She starts packing the books in sets, and Porter and I prepare/tape a few other boxes.  Smooth Sailing!  About now is when Porter looses focus for .3 seconds and is jumping into a box.  Que little girls finally coming to help out right now.   I know what their thoughts by the glimmer in their eyes.  They smile winningly at me, because I am the best mom around and have called the kids to play in the open library room with boxes!  This adoration is undeserved, but it melts my heart because immediately a creative all inclusive game was being played by the oldest 4 kids.  Why in the world would I interfere with that!?
And that was pretty much the end of moving productively for the morning.
Where is Abigail you ask? Hm.... I'm not sure.

Oh wait,  There she is! Her elder brother had her trapped in a box.  Of Course.

After a little while, I tried to rekindle some help from the kids and refocus on packing for the move.... I did not succeed.

Zander got in on the action even!  Abigail brought me the box because it was the smallest one in the room.

Despite my initial stance on bringing only 6 boxes into the house, packing them and then repeating the process neatly, and orderly to be efficient house packers... The Library is full of boxes,  some half built, some knocked out flat, some with torn corners now because the child whom tried to occupy it just couldn't quite fit comfortable with the flaps all folded down.  
You know what though?
That's all right :)


  1. That was the Cutest post ever! "They smile winningly .... Why in the world would I interfere with that!?"
    So much for the best made plans.
    What a great memory. You even took the time to record it!
    Zander is so cute! It looks like he is in what I call the rolly-polly stage, everything is round, round cheeks, and all wiggles... Love it!

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