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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Baby-wearing options - Use your Scarf!

I admit it,  I'm a late comer to the fashion world of scarves.  Now I realize how dumb this will sound, but I didn't understand how to wear them!  However, when my family came to visit a few weeks ago, I was fully converted. I now own a few and utilize them as often as I can!  Scarves are the perfect accessory for those of us who have little babies!  Necklaces are fun to hold on to for babies, which is adorable until they can yank it off, ( I have half a dozen necklaces waiting for repairs from previous little hands)  or until the baby rubs his or her head straight into a few beads and is no longer a happy snuggly baby!   Scarves do not present any of these problems,  and they are cheaper to boot!   While those two attributes are great, I'm sure you're thinking that does not a perfect accessory make....  but, You can use your scarf as a improptu sling for the baby!

I posted almost two years ago how to use a sarong to hold your baby hands free and loved that method because of its ease.  I almost always had a sarong tucked away in the car for those moment when you needed to carry the baby and didn't bring a carrier or the stroller.  The sarongs were often used as a blanket for a child whom had fallen asleep in the car ride, not to mention as a rolled up pillow a time or two.

To use your scarf as a carrier, similar to a ring sling:

Smooth out your scarf so that it is not turning on itself and wrap it around your waist and then over one shoulder.  It should look like the picture to the left from behind. I find its easiest to manage the knot tieing if you bring both ends to the front of the shoulder.  I tie the first half of the knot before I pick up my baby if I can, its just simpler that way.  Slip the baby into the carrier and 'sit' them on your hip.  Spread the scarf underneath his bum and up over their back.  Now it's time to secure your knot.  With your baby sitting high on your hip pull the fabric taught and tie the knot.  The babies weight will continue to tighten the knot.
Now you can hold your baby in many different holds!
Bring babies legs together to the side of the knot and let them recline.   You can see how this would be a great nursing position right?  Make sure the scarf is securely under their bum.  Their knees should be higher than their toosh to ensure safety.  These picture were all being taken as I was shifting him around by my daughter, If I was finished positioning the baby the scarf would have gone up high on his leg about to his knee and you'd only see from the knee to the toe hanging out.

Bring babies legs to the outside hip and tuck them fully into the wrap with their head by the knot.  This is a great one for sleeping.  Once again, I wasn't finished securing his legs and that stray arm into the sling so I'm still holding onto him.  A few seconds later I would have been able to let go and be hands free.
This photo captures the 'shoulder cap' spread of the scarf well.  This is extremely important!  It will utilize more muscles to hold the baby and allow you to hold them with more comfort and for longer!  Take the time to make sure any baby carrier is properly spread over your entire shoulder!
Sit baby on your hip for the majority of awake time.  If they are overstimulated, tuck their arms into the sling by bringing the scarf up higher to the neck.  Once again, for proper safety and hip position of baby, make sure their knees are higher than their bums.  Babies like to be in 'froggie' position.


  1. I have never been a mother but my niece introduced me to baby-wearing and I very much like how you have transformed this scarf into a baby carrier. May I use the second photo in a future post I intend to do on baby-wearing? More women need to do this! It seems so . . . natural.

    1. What size scarf would work as a baby carrier?



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