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Friday, June 5, 2009


As many people have pointed out to me, we are behind on our family portraits. Even my own walls are adorned with pictures from 2 years ago. But as every mother knows, there is a large stress that comes with picture day! What in the world are you going to dress everyone in? I have read many articles that suggest avoiding a loud print as it will forever scream from the wall in its loud voice. The same writings also state that polka dots and stripes should never be considered for a family group picture for the same reasons.
Armed with that knowledge, these are the clothes that I've put together for family pictures. All three little girls have princess seaming on their tops. The older two girls shirts are identical prints in different colors, where the baby is wearing a solid color dress cut in the same shape. Kolton and I would both be repeating a child's color but in a darker, muted hue. My shirt also mirrors the princess seaming while being a V neck which is said to be the most flattering neckline for pictures. Then we come to our precious little boy. I had originally gone looking for a green polo so he could be in the same style shirt as dad. The shirt in the picture is all I could find at the first two stores. Do you think he needs a different shirt?


  1. Yes, I know the picture is terrible.... Tuff!

  2. the colors go well together... but I am not sure about him being the only one with a pattern... I think that will make him the odd ball out.

  3. Yea, I think he needs a muted red, maroon, dk blue, or light blue polo shirt... sorry to say so...



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