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Monday, September 26, 2011

Such a Yummy Day

Mixed in with a huge day of homeschooling, many loads of laundry, and all the other normal every day things today I canned.  Again.

This morning I did a load of Black Beans.  I did the same thing as with the Kidney Beans the other day.  I soaked them overnight, rinsed them a few times, and then filled the jars about 3/4s full with beans (for pints that is about 1 1/2 cups).  I topped the jars off with water and a tsp of salt for flavor.  They then processed in the pressure cooker for 75 minutes.
     Beans - $3.00
     Lids - $1.16
     Each Pint = $0.57 cents
     The bottles contain a bit more than a traditional can of beans you'd buy from the store.

This afternoon, once I got the chickens roasting in the oven (important for later!), I started working on the 20 lbs of grapes I bought for $0.99/lb.  I used my Victorio Food Strainer again with the shorter spiral.  I couldn't find any information on which grate to use though.  I started out using the apple/tomato grate, and then later moved to using the pumpkin grate as I wanted the pulp for jam.  I only had enough sugar and pectin on hand to make 2 batches of Grape Jam.  Thankfully though, we did all the mashing/juicing today and there is another 10 cups of grape juice sitting in the fridge to make two more batches of jam tomorrow. The grapes were BY FAR the messiest thing I have canned this year!
      Grapes - $20.00
      Sugar - $4.00
      Lids - $2.33
      Each Pint - $1.88
      This stuff is Delicious!  Even with the ability to buy cheaper, I'm glad I did the work to make this.

Once we ate dinner, my dear darling pulled all the remaining chicken off the carcasses for me.  We tossed the bones into the stock pot with carrots, celery, onions and bay leafs, covered in water and let it simmer away while I tried to clean up everything else for a few hours.  I was able to get 7 pint jars of delicious Chicken Stock from the 2 roasted chickens!   I have always frozen chicken stock before, but now that I have a pressure canner of course I had to can it!   It has a very short processing time of only 25 minutes, so I figured.... Why Not!?
     Chicken Bones - Free
     Onion, Celery, Carrots, Bay Leaf - Negligible
     Lids - $1.16
     Each Pint - $0.17 cents a bottle!
     Definitely worth you time!

I was also taken out to a delicious lunch at Saffron Grill in North-gate.  It is one of my favorite Indian Restaurants.  We won't break that down.... I'd have a harder time justifying it!

Such a delicious, yummy, disastrously messy day!

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  1. Holy cow, friend! I am lucky if I get one full made in a day. It's official, you are the reigning Domestic Diva.



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