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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 4 on Kaua'i

Instead of waking up at 5 am to the roosters crowing outside, I woke up to the sound of heavy rain and wind.  I actually love to listen to the rain when I sleep, so while I was able to go back to sleep, I was saddened by its presence on my vacation.  We had wanted to wake up, give another go at boogie boarding, get in one more trip snorkeling before cleaning up and heading to our helicopter tour for the afternoon.  Unfortunately, we knew very early on in the morning that the chance of the tour being canceled was extremely high, and snorkeling and boogie boarding were out.  We decided to get out of the bungalow for a little while this morning instead of waiting around for the cancellation phone call.  We drove toward the south shore to Kalalea and ate breakfast at a small diner.  I ordered a sweet Hawaiian french toast with macadamia nuts and pineapple topping.   I remember this exactly because it was DELICIOUS!  I'm beginning to think that pineapple can be put on anything.  Of course while we were eating we did receive the fated phone call canceling our trip up in the helicopter.  We decided to head back to the bungalow and figure out how to  reschedule the rest of our time here in Kaua'i and try to fit everything in.
We were able to reschedule the helicopter trip for another day, and we relaxed in our bungalow for a little while.
After a yummy lunch with fresh cut pineapple, we decided to head back to the sunnier side of the island to find a beach to boogie board.  I tried to bail out, thankfully Kolton is persistent.  We dressed down to our swimsuits and went out into the water with our boards strapped to our wrists.  I proudly caught the first wave I could and rode it successfully up to shore.  After having an early success I was eager to get back out.   Kolton caught a wave pretty early on as well.  We were on a roll!  After three successful rides, I missed the front of the next wave and ended up getting taken under by the crest of the wave.  It's amazing how quickly things can go ary in the ocean!  The wave managed to face plant me in the shore and then roll me over and scoot me up the beach on my toosh before it washed back out to the ocean.  Kolton was on shore and was able to watch this event unfold.  Apparently it was amusing to watch my face change from excitement, to terrified so quickly.  I took my board, walked a few steps away from the ocean and sat on my rump to catch my breath for a few minutes.  Kolton caught quite a few waves and was able to ride them in rather successfully. We learned a few tricks through our adventure.  It's tricky to catch the front of the wave to avoid being smashed.  We both tried to jump over the smaller waves in order to be in position when the larger waves came but do not jump over the wave with the board in front of you.  Kolton took a nice whack to the nose doing that one.  Waiting for the 'good' waves we learned another lesson.  Just because the wave is bigger doesn't mean it will make for a better ride.  If the wave has a large break on top,  it's very possible to make for a great ride, but it is also going to have a wonderful smash for you at the end.  After I got flipped over and drug through the sand a few more waves, I resigned and sat on shore to wait for Kolton to either be the conqueror, or to join me in defeat.  Overall he did so much better than I did, but we both decided it was time to head home for the afternoon and try another day with slightly calmer waves.
After cleaning up we got ready to go out to a nice dinner for our anniversary.  After looking at many different restaurant choices we headed out to make a final decision.  Asian infused Tapas!  Unfortunately the place  had a two hour wait!   Since I was hungry, we decided to get dinner at  'Da Crack', a true hole in the wall Mexican joint complete with a picture of a Mexican dude's crack above the ordering window.  We ordered the 5 dollar burrito and a plate of nacho's to take back to our room.  It was amazing.  I have missed good Mexican food, and this was beyond good.  It was great!  We made reservations for a Tapas dinner for tomorrow night.  See how fast we learn?
While today was not ideal weather wise for our vacation, we did what we could and I still enjoyed our day together.  It was probably a good thing for my skin to get a reprieve from the sun for the day.  I've been able to keep slathered in sunscreen, but being somewhere tropical pretty much guarantee's that I'm going to get a sunburn at some point.
I feel very blessed to be vacationing with my husband in this beautiful land.  I love being married to my dalring, and cannot wait to see what the next 11 years of marriage will bring.

(Sorry there are no pictures today!)

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