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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Switching Fires

A slight change of plans today.

I am told, perhaps only by friends to help me feel better, that even professional builders have that one measurement that in the end just isn't right.  Here is mine.  Last week, I measured out my coop and build the base in position.  Then, my darling husband helped me dig through the rocks mixed with dirt and debris we lovingly refer to as the ground around here to not only even the ground out for the legs, but also to be able to bury and flay out hardware cloth.  The coop is very near being finished and we asked a few friends to help us move from the backyard where I've been building it on top of a little tykes toy, to the side yard where the chickens will be kept.  This move was a bit complicated as there was a tree in the way that required lifting the coop over the fence and into the neighbors yard to bypass.  With three grunting men, and two buff women helping, we got the coop to the base!  Score!
Oh Wait.
There is an overhang on the roof.  Of course there is an overhang on the roof.  They are supposed to be built that way to ensure that the rain will run off the edge of the roof and not straight down the outer wall of your building.  
However, I didn't take that into consideration when burying the base and it's accompanying wire. So, the coop won't sit on it's base.  We're off by a measly inch.  AN INCH I SAY!
So, command decisions needed to be made while we had the man power to help us.  We took off a lower roof and switched the direction the coop is oriented on the base.  This messes will all sorts of little details.  Like, the egg boxes not being located at the end of the coop adjacent to the side door for easy collecting, the feeding tubes not being in the same local, the muck doors being only feet away from the compost bin, and the trap door built into the bottom of the coop so the chickens can go into Fort Knox (their small but very secure) run when we are going to be gone all day no longer lines up with the supports underneath.

I feel the need to scream.  Just a little bit.

Tonight I had the idea in my head I was going to relax with a friend a little bit and do some crafting.  My friend came over, we played a game with our husbands before they headed off together, and we got out supplies.  Only, I never got around to any of it.

I did reclaim my kitchen.  Kinda embarrassed that I loaded a full dishwasher, and then hand washed 6 baking dishes, 3 pots, and 4 large bowls.   It's been a long weekend of doing many other things....
I also mopped the floor after Abigail tried to clean it for me with baby oil.  I must admit, it was very shiny!
I also scrubbed the backdoor and adjacent molding after Abigail drew on them with pen, right in front of me!

So, after taking my friend home, I realized there is a potluck tomorrow after church that I needed to make salads for.  Lucky thing I just cleaned my kitchen eh?
So, I made my families Blueberry Salad, that I actually have changed into a Fresh Blackberry Salad since I live in Washington and have access to them.  Then I wanted to make the Pink Jello Salad, but tried to take it up a notch by cooking my jello with pineapple juice and a cup of marshmallows until it thickens, then once it cooled whipped it to a bright fluffy mess and then mixed it in with the other ingredients.  From tasting the spoon once I got it into its bowl, I am willing to say I'm positive it was worth the extra effort.
Since I'd started with a clean kitchen I was inspired to clean along the way.  I was also inspired to make muffins for the morning since I had blackberries from the freezer out on the counter.  It felt great to be in the kitchen for the night.  It felt productive.  I don't even mind that its after midnight and I'm not done yet, because everything is working out.

I had a tendency to burn out on projects when things get rough.  I can't tell you how many unfinished projecst I have.  The chicken coop has definitely started to get much harder recently!  Two days ago, I had to change the position of the roosting poles three times, which means there are 6 un-used holes to putty. Just last night I got stuck trying to figure out the angles and lengths to cut to make the foux chimney.  I asked Kolton to figure out the Geometry of it all for me and the geek came through and got me all my measurements and angles.
Tonight, I made a list of everything that needed to be done to finish the coop.  I came up with 10 things.  I am praying I have everything on the list.  I am getting tired of this project.  The chickens are getting tired of living in their box in the garage.  I will finish this.  I will push through.  I have not worked so hard for so many hours to quit now!  But for tonight,  I am going to go to bed.  Maybe I will be able to find a few positives in all the changes that had to be made in the morning light.

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