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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Latest Update

Well, Yesterday I started out the day thinking that I had one month and 4 days to do all the work. By the time Kolton came home from work, we had lost two weeks of that time frame.
His company was great and gave him two weeks paid leave, but the downfall was it started immediately. This, I hadn't expected! We had thought that the company would want him to finish his current projects to not leave them in a bad position, but we were wrong. Amazon wants him as soon as possible, so we now have a new start date of July 20th.
The work contract came via Fed Ex yesterday as well. I didn't wait for him to get home, I ripped it open of course to start reading all the paperwork! I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw an error that included 15000 stocks as part of his offer. I pulled out my cell and did the math. That was 1.2 MILLION in stock after it vested in 4 years. At that point I txt'd Kolton whom was in the middle of an exit interview with his company and asked him what that was. Of course we called the recruiter and let him know about the error when Kolton got home, but wouldn't that have been a wonderful error for us?? Wishful thinking. Oh well, I'm sure our honesty will pay off.
Today we have both of our mothers coming down to help out. I Love those women! We got the Kitchen and bathroom ceilings painting last night, as well as the first coat of Kilnz painted on Khali's walls and ceiling. I have the paint to finish the kitchen and the upstairs rooms, so those are the projects we'll be working on today. Enough resting on my toosh, Off to paint!

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  1. So what did the recruiter say when you told him about the mistake... never mind.. don't answer, you don't have the time... lol



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