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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where does time go?

Its been a week since the 4th of July??? Geez.
So, Kolton, Abi and I took a short trip up to Seattle to look for houses for 2 days. Abigail was a trooper, but all this house stuff has seriously affected her sleeping schedule. I'm getting really frustrated with 20 minute naps already! She didn't sleep longer than that while we were in Seattle during the day, and hasn't been much better since we've gotten back. I keep leaving her in a stroller outside under the patio because its quieter out there than in our house with pnumatic nail guns, tile saws and hammers going.
Today has been quite eventful. My MIL, Jamie, brought back the big kiddo's from their trip to Cache Valley and helped clean and prepare food all afternoon for us. Our friends John and Cynthia had helped to take partially finished bathroom the day before, so we put up Drywall and Shower board for the shower stall, and now the Tile is being laid on the floor and the bump up. I'm sure the neighbors wish we were not using the Tile saw at 11:30 at night, but they'll get over it. If my kids can sleep through it at the same house, they should be able to handle it too! I also got the living room hardwood floor oiled, thanks to our wonderful friends coming over and spending the morning moving everything out of the living room and mopping for us.
We also have painted, stained and installed a ton of baseboard and wall trims with our friends help as well. And if you've ever stayed at our home before, the big drum roll item.....
Today, Kolton was able to replace the handle on the hot water valve in the upstairs bathroom!!! This means that when you would like to take a shower or a bath, you will no longer have to use a pair of pliers to turn on the hot water! Why is my house only getting fixed for me to leave it???
And since little things keep popping up each day, today's was a bit bigger. We found out the hot water heater has been leaking and will need to be replaced as well. Hope no one minds how stinky we all are until that is replaced tomorrow! Hopefully everyone will be done working on their project in the next half hour and we can put away noisy power tools till morning.... Hopefully.

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