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Monday, July 13, 2009

Our last week begins

Yesterday our two contractor friends finished up as many projects as they possibly could before heading home around 7. We had only planned on them for Saturday, but working on housing is always full of surprises, and more and more projects arose. The hot water heater is still not installed or functioning, but hopefully that will be a quick fix this morning and we can once again turn water on to the house. I finished cleaning up and sanding the bathtub last night around midnight and got it painted, so it looks much fresher. I'd say it looks spiffy next to the new handles on the faucets!
Today we have packers coming, as well as a wonderful organizer from CleanSlate here in Utah to help me out for a few hours this morning. Thank Goodness for friends that are willing to have your children at their home while you're moving!!

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