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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our 4th of July Weekend

For the Fourth of July weekend, we headed up to Cache Valley to spend a bit more time with family and friends before we ship out. Kolton and his brother Caleb went mountaineering/camping up Logan Canyon. I drove them up and dropped them off with the kiddo's on Thursday. Once they were sprayed with bug spray and loaded with their packs, I headed back to Richmond through Franklin Basin. It is a gorgeous place, a high mountain meadow full of wild flowers. I passed three semi's that had just dropped off sheep for summer grazing along with a few cowboys and sheepdogs. We even got to forde a few creeks to the delight of all the children. Isabella got to see her first deer bounding across the road. I thought it was much funner than driving home on the highway. Of course, Friday afternoon when I went to get them, I wanted to go back the same way to enjoy it one more time. Little did I know that there was a 90 degree turn that I had taken coming down, and missed going back up. That small error resulted in me being three hours late to pick up a frantic and sunburned husband who was sure I had driven off a cliff, or worse. Of course the road that I did get to take through the mountains was anything but pretty and serene... I was wishing for something more than 4 wheel drive and 2nd gear to drop into.... a horse would have been nice! Live and Learn... If i ever get the chance though, I will drive through Franklin Basin again.
We did get to go to the fireworks show in Logan with our family. I do believe that they have the best fireworks show Ever! Atleast in Utah! We also BBQ'd a few times and saw some extended family members who were all very excited about out upcoming adventure. I tried very hard to just relax, and not stress about all the work that was awaiting us upon arrival home. It was a nice weekend.

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  1. You do make that drive sound nice.. except for the three hours of driving around lost with kid!



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