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Friday, November 26, 2010

Drop Waist Knit Dresses

Recently, I have been playing around refashioning t-shirts.  I trimmed down a few old adult tee's into some little girl nightgowns, but then I wanted to make some dresses.  I first tried a dress from scratch.  I constructed this completely from a maternity shirt that I have no intention of EVER wearing again in my life.  While it went pretty well, it ended up being about a size 4, and really did not fit Abigail.  I also didn't realize until after I washed this dress that I needed to be using a ball point needle.  Not to shabby for a first attempt.  It could have been cute on her, next year, but I scrapped it to make an even better creation.

My next efforts were based off of three t-shirts that Abigail already had that fit her.  I simply added a tube of material, cut from another t-shirt, to the bottom to make them little dresses.  Each dress is slightly different though they are all built on the same construction principle.  
This skirt is the least gathered.  It was constructed from a shirt of my eldest daughters that was too short for her to wear any longer.   I was able to stretch the t-shirt to its max girth to match the skirt addition.
 The Purple skirt was formerly a plain shirt of mine.  It was a very cheap t-shirt that had absolutely no shape, so its second life is a drastic improvement.  I needed to sew a gathering stitch around the tube before attaching to the top.  I'm thinking about adding a purple gathered ruffle around the bottom of the sleeves to make it more co-hesive.   
 This dress ended up having the most gathering of the bunch.  The skirt was the above mentioned maternity shirt that masqueraded as a toddler dress for a single day.  The skirt was twice the width of the t-shirt making the skirt much fuller than the others.  

I love these simple dresses for so many reasons.  
  1. I don't need to find a coordinating bottom when dressing her in the morning.
  2. I don't need to find a coordinating bottom when dressing her again a few hours later.
  3. Only one piece of laundry to wash.
  4. Only one piece of laundry to fold.
  5. Only one piece of laundry to put away!
With 15 minutes of time, a $4.00 t-shirt from Target, an old t-shirt and one seam to sew, anyone can fill their little ones closet with cute every day play dresses!


  1. So adorable!! You are very talented!! I have been wanting to learn to sew, and you inspire me!! Come back to Utah and teach me!!!

  2. Also, I noticed there are pictures of one of your kiddos clogging (your son-Kolton? in orange shorts, white shirt) from the photographer that have been sitting in a never claimed pile at the studio. Would you like me to mail them to you, and if so give me your address. My email is janalangworthy@hotmail.com



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