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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family Reunion

The quiet that has seemed so odd for the past week has now been broke. Grammy and Papa brought the kiddo's back home tonight. One by one they ran in the door. Khali was the first in and couldn't wait to see Abby. She delivered a kiss and a giggle before running up to see her room. Porter was through the front door next. He cooed at his little sister and had to be told it was ok if he wanted to kiss her. He's such a sweetie, he whispered to her since she was asleep. Isabella was the last through the door, demanding to see the baby. She was very excited to see that now we are both moms. She has a baby doll (from Christmas) and I now have a baby Abby.
Grammy and Papa stayed for dinner and a short visit before heading back out to brave the winter weather.
As happy as it made me to see each of my children, and have them back home; I couldn't help but to let out a big ole sigh once we had the kiddo's in bed. The few hours of all 6 of our family home was a nice little insight to how life will be for a while. Noisy, Chaotic, Stressful but full of fun I'm sure. How all of this would work without such a wonderful husband and father, I haven't a clue! Thank you darling. :)


  1. What a sweet post about your kids reactions, I can just feel their excitement! Great photos of the family!!

  2. Oh! and... cute hat Khali is wearing BTW!

  3. Thank you! Making Khali's hat was very fun. It is probably my second favorite hat I made in the month of December!



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