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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day two on Kaua'i

Kolton really knows how to vacation. He woke up this morning and immediately dressed for the beach. I was all ready to lounge around the bungalo, but decided I better follow suit before I got left behind.  The Plantation does an introduction to the Island with a continental breakfast the first morning you're staying with them.  The fresh pineapple and 2 styles of banana bread were very yummy, so we scarfed them down, chased them with some juice and practically ran down to the beach.  We grabbed chairs, towels and snorkleing gear from the beach hut.  After claiming a spot on the beach for ourselves, we immediately got into the water to try our hand at snorkeling.  I put my equipment on before getting into the water and honestly started to have a bit of panic building in my chest.  I mean honestly, 8 weeks ago I was terrified of the pool, water on my face, and drowning in the kiddie end.  The ocean is slightly bigger, with a few more scary prospects!  However, I put on my big girl panties and waded right in. Thankfully my snorkeling equipment was a good fit and didn't give me many problems.  I did learn rather quickly that laughing while you're snorkeling is not highly advised.   Too bad for me, I giggle when I'm nervous!  We stayed out for about an hour.  It was amazing how much aquatic life is a short 20-30 feet out from shore!  We saw so many fish, small and large, sea urchins and coral.  It was awesome, and we can't wait to go back.
We headed back to our bungalow to eat some lunch before heading to our Zip Line adventure.  We checked in a few minutes early and met our guides along with our other members of our group of about 10.

Kolton sported a Dora bandage for the day, until we got to the store to buy something nondescript.  The Badge of a Father.  Even on vacation!
 There was a couple from Chicago, a mother and aunt visiting a daughter in Hawaii, and another couple that was from Seattle as well!  We rode in an old austrian swiss army vehicle up to the middle of the island.  I felt like we were being illegally transported across enemy borders.  If only they'd put down the vinyl on the sides and back, my feelings could have been legit!
This was the view at the top.  You can see two of the lines from here. 

The course is set up to seperate the adventurous, from the cowards right up front.  The first zip you go a short 100 ft, acrosss ground that is barely lower than you, with a very small decrease in altitude.  If you can't do the first zip, or hate it at the end, you can hop back in the illegal transport vehicle and they'll take you down the mountain.  Running off the podium takes some nerve I tell you!
Kolton snapped a pic of me being secured to the line.  I look a little nervous don't I?

  Luckily for me, I found a little thrill in the ride, and wanted to continue.   

A few zips later, Kolton went cannonball style.  

Then he really decided to show off and Tarzan off a corner of the platform.

When we finished our awesome adventure, we were able to have lunch in the valley we just worked so hard to get to.  Some times of the year, you can go swimming in the lake that collect there, but it's not suggested after all the rain storms we've had.   It wasn't really too disappointing though.  It was windy, sometimes rainy, and swimming in a lake/pond doesn't really hold up to zip-lining anyway.

We loaded the illegal transport vehicles once we'd had our fill of sandwiches and cookies and began the bumpy trek back to town.  All was going well (bumpy, but well) when the truck suddenly stopped, the driver jumped out and ran away.  I had no clue what to think, but shortly afterwards our Hawaiian Native returned holding something in his hands.  

This was the only feral pig we saw the entire time we were on the island.  Apparently you can take this home with you, domesticate it, and it will be a better pet than a dog.  Hm.. No Thanks! 

Overall, Ziplining was an awesome way to spend an afternoon.  I probably would return to do this course again, but if we went somewhere else that did zips, I'd go again.  It's a lot of fun!

When we were headed back to our bungalow, we diverted to see one of the waterfalls accessible to the public, Walua Falls.  This waterfall is named for it's double waterfall and traditionally looks like this.
(Stolen from kauai-josiecondo.com)
For us, it was not even close to a double waterfall.  This one of the perks of going in the rainier season. 

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