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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Mothers Day Ever!

My little girls have been talking about Mothers Day for a few weeks thanks to all of the Nick Jr. clips online about Mothers.  Abigail has been singing some of the little ditties over and over again in her sweet little voice.  "It's Mothers Day, Hooray!"  I think this sparked Khali's well conceived plans.  My family has given me many wonderful days over the past years, but non have held a candle to today.
Lets start the day off from 00:00 hours.  Actually, lets go back an hour before that, Saturday 11:00 PM.  My dearest darling husband took Khali out to the grocery store, because she had wanted me to have my favorite breakfast, not just any 'ole thing that Dad was going to whip up.  The first store was closed, they came home and tried to order through Amazon Fresh, which wound up not having any open delivery slots, and finally traveled a bit further to a grocery store that was open until midnight.   Now this is dedication!  I couldn't wait till morning!
Zander unfortunately had a very rough night and was up from 01:00-03:00 crying his little heart out.  Interestingly enough, he finally calmed down to Kolton telling him, like a man, that it had been enough crying, he was ok, and that he needed to go to sleep.  Add in 3 or 4 'Shhhh's' after that, and the boy was asleep!  After all the cuddling, wrapping, rocking, nursing, burping, holding in five positions, all it took was a  little man to man talk.  Who would have guessed?
Amazingly enough, the sunshine started to stream through the blinds soon afterwards, and my darling was able to arise as well and start making me breakfast!   Admittedly, he did crack an energy drink first thing, but I woudn't hold it against him since he shared a few sips with me. ;)  It was a rough night!  There is something magical about knowing any breakfast is being cooked for you while you snuggle under the comforter snoozing away, but there is an added excitement when its Eggs Benedict that is being prepared for you!  Be sure I slept with a smile on my face.
I was woke up to plates of food being brought to me in bed!  I do not think this is the first time that has happened, but this is definitely the most memorable!  Khali was a bit of a bugger and didn't wake up the other kids to help prepare my breakfast, which made Isabella and Porter sad so they were able to help out by bringing me a glass of milk, apple juice, water, and orange juice.  Abigail added her love by sitting next to me on the bed and sharing all of my food with me, and continually snuggling up to give me hugs for Mother's Day.
While I was devouring my breakfast, mostly because my husband did such an amazing job and partially because if I didn't eat it quickly, Abigail would have gotten more than me, Porter decided to be very helpful and lay out the little girls church clothes.  This was of course very helpful since after all my lounging around in bed, we still needed to be to church by 9:30!
We were a few minutes late and had to sit on the front row, but at least we got seats in the chapel.  The children sand a wonderful Mothers Day medley and I got a lovely little flower to plant in the yard as well.
After church my family went outside to play to let me take a nap in quiet.  It was a fabulous nap indeed.
We also invited some friends from church over for Sunday Dinner.  We have not had Roast and Mashed potatoes for several weeks so it was a welcome comfort, and wonderful to share with friends as we got to know each other better.  After the evening feasting, they brought a delicious apple cake that we baked and served with ice cream for dessert.  I really did very little to prepare this meal.  I did very few dishes, and barely lifted a finger to clean it all up!  My family worked together and got the jobs all done, while I sat in my recliner with my feet up.  Aaaahh,  I only wish this could happen once a month!
But wait,  there is indeed more.
After family bedtime, Porter rubbed my feet with lotion because once again, Khali the Bugger did not want to share any part of her plans to pamper me with him.  My son is so loving, and was paid special attention to my ankle which I rolled several weeks ago and asked if I was ok yet.  He has such a sweet spirit it makes me smile.  Once he went off to bed,  Khali started with the facials she had prepared for me.  The girl could work at a day spa!   First she applied a cleanser.  Then, she followed that with a scrub.  After those I sat with my head over a pot of steaming water with a towel on top for 5 minutes.  As if that wasn't enough, she then applied another homemade cucumber-yogurt mask that she has prepared and was chilled in the fridge with a paintbrush and put cucumber slices on my eyes.
I feel so loved and very blessed by my wonderful husband and adoring children.  There are many times in life that the trials presented to me as a mother seem far to large to continue on, but there are always moments like these, where the love and appreciation of my family is so clear, that I have the strength to soldier on.  The love  of my family reminds me why I have chosen the path I travel and guides me as I strive to live up to those values and teach my children their importance.
I hope all my friends had such a wonderful Mothers Day with their family!  Now to take my glowing face to bed, and hope Zander sleeps well.

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  1. How adorable!! It's not always an easy path we've chosen, but those special moments sure are better all the hard ones put together!! Happy Mother's Day!



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