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Friday, June 26, 2009


If I were to title the next month of my life, I would choose a title like "Running like Mad", or "Busy as a Bee". Trying to pack up the house, finish home projects to be able to sell, and do the normal stuff that make up the ballast of my life like laundry, meal planning with what we have on hand, and cleaning takes up alot of hours in ones life! Combine that with trying to not completely neglect our children and baby, and Whew!
Yesterday I did manage to clear out 2 more boxes to give, and 3 to add to the keep pile. It is very gratifying to know that the large black beauties and the giveaway stack are filling up quickly with things that have taken up precious real estate in our home for far too long. I am really hoping this move with help me to further understand my distaste for over consumerism. I also got the front yard and drive way sprayed for weeds; we need as much curb appeal as we can get!
Kolton and I spent the evening, after putting kiddo's to bed, going through the files of paperwork. Doesn't that sound like fun? While I thought it may kill me, we got through it and it wasn't really so rough! We actually had a bit of fun looking at old pay stubs, copies of pell grant checks, and acceptance papers from the U. Though the papers do not lie, neither one of us can remember how we made the money last. It was nice to get a little look back before we take a leap forward. Thankfully my neighbors let us borrow their shredder, complete with blade oil for the evening. We have a large box full of shredded papers to use as packing now, and much more space in the filing cabinet.
Today, I need to figure out dinner early and get it ready to go as we are going to try our best to paint in the kitchen today. The ceiling will get a nice coat of bright white, but we haven't figured out yet the best way to handle the walls. I'm wondering if we can take the non paneled walls and make them a bit darker blue? Or what about a soft brown? Before we took off the patio I wouldn't have dreamed of putting a saturated color in there, but now that there is plenty of sunlight maybe the kitchen could be warmed up a bit.
I did find a wonderful recipe last night (early this morning) before heading to bed. Oatmeal Jam Bars. We used huckleberry jam this morning and they turned out great! I have a small box full of old jams my Grandmother sent down. We will definitly be making these a few more times in the next month.

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  1. Great walk down memory lane....

    Just like you.. taking time to cook something yummy even when you are busy... wont you be glad to bake again, when you get to the new house.



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