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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today was once again full, and not over yet. I did get my bath and shower scrubbed twice today with scrubbing bubbles. Man that stuff is terrific! I'm impressed, my shower surround almost looks good! We also moved the kiddo's beds into the other bedroom today. Now all three of their mattress's are on the floor layed next to each other. It was hard to not be mad when they were jumping all over the place on them... but can you really say No Jumping On the Bed, when you're missing a functional part of the bed?
I also was a very lucky girl today, though I don't truely feel so lucky. My MIL reminded me to call my dentist to finish my implants before we left for Seattle. When I called them bright and early Monday morning, they had just had a cancelation for Tuesday at 1 and I told the I would be there! This was supposed to be an hour appointment to make a few molds, check on the screws, and be back on my way home, so I took along Abigail while Kolton kept the older kids. Turns out that his two o'clock appointment was misscheduled and he had time to not only do my molds, but fix a broken filling all right then. That was unbelievably fortunate, I was not planning on having it done before leaving for Seattle. Everyone knows I'm do not love the dentist, so I probably would have just suffered for a long time before finally getting in to have it fixed next year. Unfortunatly, that was alot of dental work for one sitting, and an even longer time when you are trying to hold a baby on your lap and keep her entertained while having 2 people with gadgets stuck in your mouth. Thankfully my darling husband was wonderful when I got home and made me soup to drink and took the fussy little baby to let me rest. A few hours later, with a small nap and a sandwich, I am now ready to start back into house work! Ceilings, here we come!

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  1. Alas what can you do when the floor is basically full of mattresses... That was the first thing I noticed when I cam over also, they are jumping....



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