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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Cycle for Mom?

Madsen Cycles Cargo BikesHow boring am I that I'd rather have this bike than a motorcycle? Last year I started to tell Kolton that I would really like a Tricycle. They have some with a basket between the two wheels that would be perfect for carting cargo around, and I'm sure I would be safer as well. Its got to be harder to wreck on a three wheeled Bicycle right? Remember, I'm a clutz! hehe
But this bicycle by Madsen is new! Do you see the bucket? It has two seat belts on the inside!! Oh that would rock. I wonder if I could pad one side out and have Miss Abi-Dabi sit in there? She's probably not like it much, as she'd be too little to see over the sides. It would be great though to have a choice when it was time to go on a small errand to the Library or Grocery store.
You can enter to win the bike in July by mentioning this contest on any of your social networking sites.

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