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Monday, June 7, 2010

Organizing Benefits

We took a few days off last week once the workshops were over. It was a much needed break so everyone, including me, could decompress. This morning, despite both the little girls are fevering and not feeling well in general, we're starting little by little back into a home routine. Can I just say, I LOVE being home with the kids and not needing to go anywhere?
As you can see, all of the kids like their book holders. Their books are all at the table so we can switch between subjects quickly without loosing a child's attention, and they can also be used as dividers for those children who really just wish they were an only child.

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  1. Cute, they do work well as dividers. I love the way Abby is right up there studying with everyone else. Porter looks so stressed.. lol... Glad to have you home again too.



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