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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thrift Store Find

I went to the Goodwill this morning, more as an escape for an hour with no children than anything else. I wanted to check for side snap infant shirts, a new maternity dress, and look for a whole pile of matching wooden buttons for some curtains that I am going to be sewing for the next few days. I new I was hoping for too much to find 20 matching buttons... but sometimes you just never know!
While I was back in the homegoods section, I spotted a package of fabric that caught my eye. It was the bottom pink fabric that I initially thought was so cute, however, once I picked up the package, I noticed that the other three prints where the same style in different colors. THREE PRINTS! I looked for a price tag and it was marked at $1.00! 4 yards of material for a buck!

I tried to get a picture of just fabric, but Abi thinks that anything I'm making must be for her, and automatically claims any fabric that is not put away to play with as a dress, skirt, pillow, or blanket.

Now I just have to figure out which girl gets which print, and what skirt pattern to use this time around! I had initially thought that a 3 tiered skirt would be adorable with each girl getting a layer of each print, but Khali has vetoed that already, so I'm still thinking.

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  1. Those skirts will be so cute! And the extra pink fabric is a great find!



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