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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meeting Organizational Needs - On the cheap

For the entire year, the kids have had their school books in a bookcase on one shelf next to the kitchen table. We have tried labeling areas for each child, separating each area with plastic pencil cases, and even bookend/dividers. Regardless of the method that was in place, the little two could not put their books away in the correct place. I was lucky in they would get their books and pencils put away off the table, period. While the piled shelf doesn't really bother me much, except for the morning that I cannot seem to find Child X's writing book, this was (one of) the biggest bains of my eldest child's existence. Other children's books were in her area, they were touching hers, they were breathing the air of her books!
So off I went again, on a late night search for another solution that I could enact to fix this massive disaster of a problem. I came across some very cute and chic magazine holders including the ones found here. Of course I didn't have any magazine holders laying around the house to just cover, so I had to do a search for a good substitute, preferably one I did had laying around the house already as
a.) It would be free
b.) I wouldn't have to run to a store
c.) I could start right away while I was still excited for this project!
While I know some people have used cereal boxes for such a purpose, I needed something a bit more heavy duty. I came across the idea of using a USPS Priority Mail box and thought, Perfect! I happened to have a small stack laying upstairs next to the computer waiting to be used for such a purpose!
I cut my angle with a steak knife after finding that my utility scissors where doing a poor job. I measured just under 12 inches high on the back side, and 6 inches high on the front and cut the boxes. You can cut them to any measurements that you think would work well for your situation, but I wanted to be able to use 12x12 scrap-booking paper on each side so that dictated my cuts. Originally I had wanted to use fabric like the Chic ones above, but realized I did not have adequate prints that the kids would like, so I resorted to what I had on hand. I used spray adhesive to put on the paper and then permanent marker with lettering stencils to write their names on the tall end for each child.
*warning* If you are tempted to write your children's name using fancy stencils, ask yourself if your child is going to think that their O is a Q, or their L is an I. Apparently I should have written in my clearest De'Nalien print and called it good.
Since I want these boxes to stand up to daily wear and tear of childrens use, I bought some contact paper and proceeded to cover each one. I even used a bit of packaging tape to hold the contact paper down on the inside of the box so that there is very little chance of the books getting caught and ruining my creation. Hopefully these will last and solve the messy bookshelf problem.

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  1. Yay! I am glad you posted pics. I was about to write to you and tell you I needed some pics. They turned out cute. It is funny about the kids thinking the letters were wrong. They turned out cute. I hope they are working well.



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