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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School is Starting... Right?

After dragging myself out of bed this morning to realize there was only about a cup of milk, I thoughtfully put some bacon on the stove so I could make some breakfast for the family.  I then promptly left the room to catch the news and see the weather forecast    
Who knew small pieces of bacon cook super fast!?  Within just a few minutes, I walked back to the area of the kitchen to find it completely full of smoke.  Now, I am notorious for crunchy bacon, but this, even for me, was a bit over done!  I could barely find my way to the oven and grab a hot pad to take the pan outside.  Thankfully it was my cast iron skillet so I didn't ruin a pan.
So I quickly ran to the store for milk so we could still have some food for breakfast... Cereal!
Since the house still stunk, we ate breakfast outside.  We braved coming back indoors to get the little girls dressed and everyone in boots and took the morning to go pick blackberries.   We got a good little haul in just under two hours, but upon arriving home the house is still a bit stinky :(.
I thought we'd retreat to the downstairs and read our family book and start in on our school work for the day, but within moment of being home, someone had already traipsed through blackberries and smashed them into the carpet in several areas... So, shampooing carpets came into the job list for the day.  
It is now approaching lunch time, and while each child did fill their bellies twice over with fresh berries from the vine, they all seem to be hungry again!   
Off to make lunch... then, perhaps, with some really great luck,  we will get to start on our school work.  Perhaps.

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