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Friday, March 9, 2012

Day one on Kaua'i

We are taking or first vacation as a couple.  My parents drove over from Montana to take care of the kids for us, and  then the next day my dad woke up at 4 am to drive us to the airport. They must really love us! Our flight was scheduled to depart at 6 am but apparently the airplanes crew was not as excited or diligent as we were however.  We boarded almost 30 minutes late and then sat on the plane for another 40 minutes waiting to be de-iced.  Somehow we managed to land only a few minutes later than we had planned, which gave us 50 minutes to stretch and grab a snack for the flight ahead of us.  

 Our seats were not assigned next to each other, but two other people switches us when we asked. I am so thankful to them! It would have stink for me to not sit next to my husband for those 6 hours!  The flight was very bumpy and we were asked to stay seated the majority of the time.  I believe we were flying through the storm system that had spent the last few days reeking hovok on Hawaii.  Much of our flight was done with all the windows on the plane closed, but when we were getting close to arrival, I snuck a picture out the window.  When we arrived at the Lihu'e airport on Kauai'i I was surprised to find that much of the airport is open air!  The baggage claim itself has a roof but then is mostly just enclosed with a  fancy fence around it!

After we picked up our rental car, we got on our way to the plantation condo we rented in Po'ipo.  When we checked in, this us when we really learned about the storm that had been hitting Hawaii.  Thankfully we are staying on the southern side of the island, as the road to the North-side is closed.  Unfortunately, one if the activities I was very excited to go to, an authentic luau, was North in Hanalei.  I was finally able to get through on the phones to them and we canceled or reservation, but they will not be holding another luau while we are in Hawaii.  

Kolton quickly gathered up the sad pieces that were me, and we went down to the beach in our swim suits to check out the beach.  It is about 100 yards from our condo.  We stopped and talked to the concierge desk and worked with her on our reservations for the week, she was able to print out our tickets and give us directions to the places we are going.   We had a little time to walk along the beach in the surf together and talk to some of the other vacationers about snorkeling and body surfing and the crazy weather they'd seen for their vacations.  I can't wait to get back!  We then came back to our bungalow to change for dinner.  Can I just say, I love wearing sorongs? Always have, always will!!  Anyway, I got to wear a sorong and heels out to a lobster dinner on the coast.  Definitely a trip highlight!  We sat out side and watched the sun go down sipping on passion fruit lemonaid.  It was a great time eating with my husband.
To cap off the night we ran over to the local Costco and picked up a few groceries to keep at the bungalow.  It was such a great first day!  We went to sleep a bit early after such a long day, but I think it was a great beginning to our vacation. 

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