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Monday, March 16, 2009

Seeing our Trials as Blessings

Last weekend I woke up Saturday morning only to find that the kitchen sinks would not drain. I started to try to clean them out first with baking soda and vinegar, then boiling water flushes, and finally resorted to asking my darling for help using plungers. Working on the drains for well over an hour, we had gotten some water to go down the drain, but they were far from clear. I finally caved and called a plumber. Thankfully many plumbers work weekends for the same rates at weekdays, and we had a nice gentleman playing under the sink in the grime by afternoon. Unfortunately, plumbers, are not cheap. For 2 hours of snaking the drains, the drain made a lovely sucking noise as the water quickly drained, and I owed him $150.00. Ouch!
Now here is where a choice comes in. I could either use my allotted bi-monthly budget, or put this bill on a credit card. Trying to be a responsible consumer, I wrote him a check realizing it would cut my grocery funding in half for the next ten days. Yikes!?
After searching around on the web for some frugal meals, and flipping through my home storage cookbook, I went to my fridge and cupboards with a fresh sheet of paper and pen. I made a list of meals that I could make with things that I had on hand, and also a few that I could make with only one or two things from the grocery store. With a bit of planning I was able to make nutritious meals for our family all week long, and amazingly my freezer and cupboards are not empty. This was not the easiest week to cook dinners, yet it was very gratifying. I could have easily made a different choice and put this on a CC to worry about later, however I am now very happy to have gone through this learning experience and to come out triumphant.
We have all been told to not go to the grocery store when you are hungry, and to always make a list, but how about we add one more to this list? Do not go to the grocery store, until you have made your meal plans for the week and gone grocery shopping through your cupboards and freezer.

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  1. Good job sticking to your budget and utilizing your cupboards and freezer! I'm a huge fan of budgets, but they're not easy.



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