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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I absolutely LOVE my new hair cut. Yes, I almost had a panic attack when I saw my hair falling to the ground.... 6-8 inches of hair looks like a ton strewn around on the floor! The stylist did do a wonderful job though! I must say, I think this is the best hair cut I've had in years. What makes it the best you ask? I took a shower at night, went to bed with brushed wet hair, woke up in the morning, put 2-3 curls in the front, and TADA! Not quite Wash-and-Go, but pretty darn close! I'm a happy camper. Amazing how great a new style can make you feel. The second best part, it only cost 6.95 =)


  1. Wow, you got lucky to get a great cut for so cheap. I'll never go to a cheap place after my horror. Your hair looks great!

  2. Taffy has the same problem. Curly Hair needs specially trained stylists for sure. I count myself lucky to only have waves.



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