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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seattle, Here We Come!

Its official! Kolton accepted the Amazon offer last night. We are all very excited! It feels like waiting in line to ride a big roller coaster, my stomach is all in butterflies and we are anxiously awaiting to see what thrills will come. Now to pack and get the house ready to sell, all with a 5 month old whom thinks mommies hip is her seat to see the world. This is certainly going to get interesting!


  1. Seattle sounds like a fun city. My brother in law & his family live in that area and love it! Good luck on your new adventure!
    PS: your family & blog is beautiful! Love the layout & look.

  2. Ha!! This makes me laugh!.... "It feels like waiting in line to ride a big roller coaster..."

    So how do you like the roller coaster? Want off yet?

    I am trying to catch up on your blog, so when you are a million miles ;) I can still keep in touch.




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