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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks extravaganza

Our family was able to enjoy a wonderful weekend! We took the kids out to an Indian Buffet for lunch on Saturday and as soon as they were full we hopped into the car and drove north to the Tulalip Indian Reservation to buy Fireworks! Despite the fact that its only 10-15 miles north, of course it takes over half an hour to drive to. Apparently every other family had also procrastinated buying their fireworks until the last day, because there were entire lanes filtering off the interstate at our exit, and we drove in the same line of traffic all the way to the makeshift parking lots behind the casino. Once we parked in the field, Kolton took the older three kids over to buy fireworks. Now, if you are like me, you are niavely expecting that there will be a large firework tent set up, maybe 2 or 3 since everyone told you to make the drive North. Instead, there is an entire city of different people who have bought fireworks wholesale and now have their own table/shack/area to resell these fireworks to the public. I'm sure many people paid whatever the seller was asking, but not my Dear Darling. He haggled and got a good price and had a bunch of things thrown into the deal. Bottle Rockets and Firecrackers were heard intermittently throughout the entire weekend from our home! Sometimes with children's knowledge off the porch, on the patio, in a sand volcano the kids had erected. Other times, it came from behind the corner of the house, or out the garage door when no one was expecting it. Abigail cried quite a few tears and yelled 'noisy' at her father many times.
We had invited a family friend over to set off some fireworks while we were at church, which was great fun when they got here around 8:30. We did some sparklers and some spinning flowers on the driveway and quite a few bottle rockets as we waited for it to get darker. Another friend called and told us they had a nice flat cult-e-sac to set off fireworks with another family. While our home is the perfect setting to see the entire horizon lit up with everyones fireworks, we lack flat area, so we packed up the 8 kids into the 2 vans and headed over. Everyone had such a great time blowing up the fireworks for a good hour, and watching the neighbors doing the same. When we had blown up the majority of our fireworks, we headed to our friends backyard where they had just built out a new brick patio! Comfy chairs, a warm fire which had settled down to mostly coals, and a large trampoline entertained everyone for another good hour, while we roasted marshmallows for smores and chatted through the noise of the explosions. I've never been to war, but that is how I'd imagine it would sound. Constant explosions.
Thankfully Kolton had the good sense to save a few fireworks for when we got back home, so back into the car we loaded! Abigail has such a great time running around with all the other kids, 15 in total, and watching the pretty colors she happily was carried up to her bed from the car and fell asleep on her comfy pillow. She went from scared of every explosion to numb to the noise in swift evening! The big kids settled down on the trampoline with pillows and blankets to watch the rest of the fireworks that we had and then watch the horizon for another hour. Porter had the good sense at 11:30 that it was past his bedtime and he went to his room. The little girls fell asleep outside and needed to be carried to their beds. The fireworks started to dwindle a bit around that point in the evening but had a resurgence at midnight as many people sent off their last fireworks for a Finale. It was a great time to sit with Kolton and watch them. Of course, Kolton wasn't sitting for most of the time since I kept complaining that the ash from the firecrackers and bottle rockets kept getting on my blanket. It was such a great night filled with friendship, laughter, family, love and a lot of black powder. I went to sleep soon after midnight watching out my bedroom windows as the fireworks still lit up the sky.

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