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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few random thoughts from my lovely Easter weekend:

1- When making foods from your childhood, do not rely on internet recipes. Even if you pull up 10 recipes and they all use Mayonnaise, they are wrong, You're mother will tell you to use Miracle Whip. If your mother is unavailable, make half the recipe with each ingredient and learn for yourself that all those professional cooks from food network and the many thousands of home makers on recipezaar are fallible.

2- Many successful homemakers will tell you to do one load of laundry bright and early every morning and you won't get behind. Those people apparently don't have 4 kids. Two loads a day might keep you on top of things.... maybe

3- I will never again waste my money on a 'spiral sliced ham'. For half the price per pound I will happily cook my Ham fresh instead of reheated (Drying out) cooked meat. A homemade glaze tastes better than that little gold packet, it was not hard to carve the meat off the bones, and I really did think the meat was much moister and tasted superior. If you can roast a chicken for dinner, you can easily handle cooking a fresh ham.

4- Sometimes when you come across one of those recipes that looks like the person had way to much time on their hands and you would never be able to reproduce... you're wrong. Once in a great while, they are very simple and just look like you took alot of time :) Try these Bacon Wrapped Eggs for your next special breakfast or brunch. They are Yummy!

Bacon Wrapped Eggs
(for each egg you want to cook you will need)
2 pieces of Bacon
1 egg

Partially cook your bacon, as close to done as you can get without it being crispy. You want limp, pliable bacon strips. Grease a muffin pan with butter or some of your bacon grease. Cut one piece of bacon into smaller lengths and line the bottom of your muffin cup. This is particularly well suited for the fatter end of your bacon. Once you have the bottom well covered, take a full strip of bacon and curl it into your tin so that it lines the sides of that particular well. Then crack your egg into the middle. Thats it folks! Put this in the oven at 325 for 15-20 minutes depending on how well you like your egg cooked.
Tip: If there is a particularly fatty part in your bacon, trim it before lining muffin pan.

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