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Friday, June 18, 2010

Rectangular Sewing Again!

Every time I make something, I think its the coolest thing I've ever made! Even better than what I made last week. Of course, that only lasts until the next time, but its a fun feeling! I have discovered a LOVE for sewing anything that doesn't require a formal pattern, gathers, pleats, zippers or even button holes. When I stumbled upon "The Idea Room" I found a ton of fun crafts to make, but since I was looking for a quick gift idea, I settled on this.
The Fashionable Fabric Keychain. Have you ever noticed when looking at other peoples sewing projects that they have the cutest stinking fabric you've ever seen??? I often feel like this, and sometimes is discourages me from starting the project, but this time I ignored the thought, dug through my stash for a minute, and came up with a pairing that I thought was pretty cute. I also already had the fastener on hand from previous attempts to make a binky clip. Boo Ya!
A simple craft with everything on hand; so perfect for so many reasons, no runs to the store and no money spent are my favorite two! Her tutorial was very simple to follow with lots of pictures. I think the most time consuming part was changing the thread and bobbin on the machine twice to match the materials!


  1. Hey! That is stinking cute fabric. :)

  2. LOL. I'm so glad you liked the color scheme :D I was hoping it'd go right along with your new diaper bag. :)



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